Behind the Lens with Bianca Simonian

We love to see not only fashion enthusiast but photographers share their passion through our vivid pieces and print garments. Take a peak at a fun editorial shoot sent in by the multi talented photographer Bianca Simonian featuring our Poly Black Gold Bandeau and Ivory Tree Dress. Another great example of the many different ways you can style and wear your Bel Kazan look!

Bel KazanBel KazanBel KazanBel KazanBel Kazan

Meet the Photographer:
As a freelance photographer, travel enthusiast, and independently owned business professional, Bianca Simonian’s talent seems to be limitless. When she’s not behind a lens her hands are tied in the kitchen at her delicious breakfast restaurant; The Early Bird. Opened in 2008 she started making breakfast for the people of Kuwait and has now opened her second location in Jabriya. Her ability to recreate tasteful American styled breakfast combined with The Early Birds naturally comfortable atmosphere has customers wanting more! Currently Bianca’s expanding her love for travel and cooking in her new project show; The Borderless Chef. Still fresh in the making, check out Bianca’s kickstarter for The Boarderless Chef @ !
Bel Kazan Bel Kazan