Our Favorite Places To Eat: Echo Park

Bel Kazan is located on West Sunset Blvd in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park.  We are surrounded by a growing community, unique food establishments, and one of a kind boutiques that are great to check out if you’re in the area.  Here are a few of our favorite lunch places:

Belinda Kazanci-Designer/Owner “I’m a picky eater, and don’t eat a lot of meat.  Once I find a good place I stick to it.”

  • The Park in Echo Park – I really like the avocado & gruyère sandwich and potato salad.
  • Sage – I like how the food is healthy yet creative.
  • Guisados – We were so bummed when our go to Mexican restaurant across the street closed.  Our spirits were lifted when Guisados, one of the best tacos places in LA, opened up. Lets just say, we were scared for our waistline and wallets.

Claudia- Executive Assistant “I am a pretty adventurous eater so I am always game to try a new place for lunch.”

  • Mohawk Bend – “They have a lot of yummy vegetarian options like the buffalo style cauliflower and keenwah salad.”
  • Sib Song Thai – It’s a hole in the wall place but they have the best curry I’ve ever had.
  • Pho Café – This place seems a little pretentious because it doesn’t have sign on the outside, but their food is ridiculous good and reasonable priced.

Semper Ramos-Taylor – Intern “I’m a foodie.  I love cooking and trying out new eateries.”

  • Two Boots – They have fun names for their pizzas like Cleopatra Jones, The Newman, and The Dude.  It’s a good spot to hit up before a show at the Echoplex which is literally around the corner.

Kadejah Henderson – Intern “I am originally from the East Coast, but I am down to try something that I have not tried before.”

  • The Brite Spot – This is the coolest café I have ever been to.  I always go here for the breakfast and chill atmosphere.

Photo Journal:  Guisados – A Bel Kazan Favorite

Claudia, exectutive assistant, getting ready to order at Guisados

Guisados is “open” for business

Guisados proudly displays their food reviews

The quaint outdoor seating area at Guisados

“The fish taco’s from Guisados are my fave!” -Semper