How To Wear: Bel Kazan Nouvelle Dress

KadesMode- Kadejah Henderson- BelKazan- Fashion- Trendy - Spring 2013- Key Colors- Dress- Jersey Knit- GadoGado- Los Angeles Bel Kazan- Leather Jacket- Cowboy Boots

Sachin Tendulkar once said “Every individual has his own style, his own way of presenting himself on and off the field.” These 2 looks represent just that from a Free Soul to an Edgy Chic style. What are some of the ways you would style our Nouvelle dress in the Nile print? Be sure to comment with a link below, on our facebook page, or even tweet @Belkazan, so we can check it out.

1. $45 Zappos Shoes and  Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.

2. Vintage Cowboy Boots, $54 Forever21 Faux Leather Jacket, & $20 Urban Outfitters Scarf.