Getting Engaged in BEL KAZAN

Meet my beautiful friend Vanessa. How I met her is sooo cool! She had bought a dress of mine at Crossroads and literally went to every Crossroads in Los Angeles looking for more BEL KAZAN. She later emailed me the sweetest message saying she LOVES my dresses and would love to stop by our studio to see if I have any others. She comes by a few days later and it was an instant connection, like we had known one another for years. From then on she has become one of my closest friends and I am blessed to have met her in such a bizarre yet serendipitous way!

Vanessa got engaged Christmas Eve to an great man and I am beyond happy for them! I am honored to share her engagement photo looking beautiful as always in her new BEL KAZAN dress….

bel kazan-dress-fashion-jersey