Simon: Our Neighbor and Pattern Maker

Since we moved to our Echo Park design studio location so many serendipitous and wonderful things have been happening!

I had been thinking about finding someone to work with here in the States on pattern and sample making for some time now. I usually do all my sampling in Bali but sometimes I get ideas and have to wait to execute them until my next trip to Bali. There is a sweet man that lives right upstairs from my design studio who was kind enough to come by and introduce himself when we first moved in.

His name is Simon. My assistant Claudia and I always noticed how stylish he is when we see him walking around the neighborhood. When we finally had a chance to talk to him he told us he is a designer and a pattern maker; he even spent time studying in Paris! He invited us to come by his studio one day for a visit, it turns out he has the coolest little creative space and makes some remarkable pieces of clothing.

To make a long story short Simon and I now work together and the process has been so much fun! He is an amazing person to work with and beyond talented!  I can’t wait to show you what we come up with for Spring 2013!

In the meantime, check out some photos from his awesome studio:

simon pattern maker bel kazan

simon pattern maker bel kazan mannequins

simon pattern maker bel kazan sketches

simon pattern maker bel kazan patterns and sewing machine

Peace & Delight,

Bel Kazan