Dress Up: Cowboy Boots and Scarves

I went to visit my great aunt last week in Glendale.  When I walked in the house I was surprised to see all my adorable cousins there.  I hadn’t seen them in such a long time and was so excited to spend some time with them.

There were sooo many of them in the house, and they all wanted my attention, so I had to come up with a clever game right away. They all wanted to try on my clothes, shoes & accessories, so we decided to have a little photo shoot; each kid would get their photo taken wearing my cowboy boots & scarf.

Here are the pics from the shoot. It was sooo much fun that I had to share it! How adorable are they?!

cute little girls with cowboy boots and scarves

cute little boys with cowboy boots

cute little girls with cowboy boots and scarves 2

How was your weekend?

Peace & Delight,

Bel Kazan