SXSW: Women in Music Luncheon at Chateau Bellevue

I had the pleasure of going to Austin, TX this past week for the SXSW (South by South West) music festival.

While I was there I attended the Women in Music Luncheon at the beautiful Chateau Bellevue.  The luncheon honored WIMPS (Women in Music Professional Society) and MEOW (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women).  I was able to attend this event thanks to my amazing friend Rose Reyes who is the Director of Music Marketing for the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

How I met Rose is serendipitous indeed. I received a random email a few years back from her regarding a Bel Kazan dress that she had seen on a friend at an art event. Her email was so sweet and when I saw the excitement in her words and how much she wanted the same dress I decided I would just gift her one. Rose was ecstatic and that’s how our friendship began!

Definitely will be going back next year with my band Echocell to perform!

Check out a few fabulous photos of the event courtesy of Brenda Ladd Photography

SXSW Chateau Bellevue interior chandelier Austin Texas

SXSW Autsin Chateau Bellevue interior fireplace

SXSW womein in Music pink hair pink tutu

SXSW women in music luncheon pink cowboy hat

SXSW Bel Kazan women in music luncheon austin texas

SXSW Bel Kazan Rose Reyes Wild Horses black maxi dress

Peace & Delight,

Bel Kazan