Inspiration: Joshua Tree

The Bel Kazan Spring 2013 collection is all about mimicking the patterns found in nature.  On my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park I was amazed by the colors and patterns that were naturally occurring in the environment.  I found bright orange-colored moss growing on black and white speckled rocks.  I also came across cream and grey tones along with a pale blue that looked like it was painted on, yet it was a natural art piece. I decided to turn these natural wonders into my palette for Spring; the Joshua Collection.

Check out just a few of the incredible inspirations that I came across on my trip…

joshua tree rock with black and orange moss natural art

joshua tree pale blue rock with orange moss natural art

joshua tree national park dusk

I love to create prints from items found in nature just like I did with the Ginkgo Leaves.  Joshua Tree was full of amazing natural patterns that I can’t wait to turn into fabric prints…

joshua tree natural patterns green leaves dead leaves cracked rock

When designing a collection it’s the marriage of natural inspiration and man-made items that gives it the boho/edgy mix that I love!  For me this chandelier hanging from a Joshua Tree represents the elegance that can be created when man and nature come together…

chandelier hanging from a joshua tree

Can’t wait to show you the Bel Kazan Spring 2013 Joshua Collection!

Peace & Delight,
Bel Kazan