Rock the Runway – Nashville Fashion Week 2011

We know you’ve all been erratically shaking your tiny stilettos in anxious anticipation of the undoubtedly epic moment in which we finally reveal the enthralling happenings of our experience at Lexus Nashville Fashion Week. So here goes, people.

After endless hours of last minute sewing, the taping of boot soles, the schlepping 50 lb boxes and a few hundred strokes of the steamer, our TDF (to die for) Fall 2011 collection hit the runway at Nashville’s historic Arcade (a semi-outdoor location on a delightfully breezy 30 degree evening). The combination of gorgeous models, a strong collection and an amazing behind-the-scenes crew all came together for an event to remember.  See it all go down in the runway video clip.

Video Courtesy of Rocky Linderman –

More dish? In good company, we also enjoyed the superbly appealing work of Melissa Tabor, Betsey Johnson, Ben Sherman and T. Rains. Each one presenting a perfectly original collection, creating a well-rounded feast of fashion for an audience of Nashville’s most elite tastemakers and celebrities including, Nicole Kidman, Ke$ha and New York’s Kelly Cutrone. Oh yes, in true Nashville spirit a few of our favorite luminaries flew under the paparazzi radar to make an appearance at the evening’s runway festivities and we’re dying to know their thoughts on the event…

…And yours! Let us know what you think below, and stay tuned for more NFW excitement!

Photos courtesy of Josh Marx at Lexus Nashville Fashion Week.