New York Fashion Week’s Battle of Good vs Evil

This year New York Fashion Week was full of inspiration found in the most anomalous of places. However, there was seemingly one inspirational trend amongst designers we just couldn’t let go unnoticed. We’re talking about the ever popular and ongoing battle of good versus evil. It seems as though designers want in on the controversial action and they’re expressing an affinity for their favored party on the runway. The real question is: Who wins? You decide!

The perplexing darkness and sleek style of Alexander Wang‘s revamped trench coat bares an uncanny resemblance to that of The Matrix‘s computer hacking savior Neo.

Paul Costelloe hits the mark with his adorably light, elaborately detailed, swingy frock and fiery locks that seemingly channels the look of Batman‘s infamous supervillainess Poison Ivy.

Dennis Basso‘s chic-ly oversized fur seems as though it could have come straight from the plush hide of Star Wars‘ lovable co-pilot Chewbacca.

The adorable innocence of Little Red Riding Hood is undoubtedly exuded in the radiantly playful yet intricately constructed style of Rodarte.

It’s clear Pamella Roland is a master of class with this exquisitely polished, undeniably saucy black gown that could surely be seen on the Mistress of Darkness herself.

Oscar de la Renta sure knows how to take the golden boy of evil to the next level with a seriously refined and subtly ostentatious pant suit.

The dedication to patriotism and admirable tailoring of Thom Browne give the perfect salute to the honorable Captain America.

Runway Images: New York Fashion